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It's a fact -  Food tastes better when carefully and tastefully presented, and makes your guests feel welcome with stylish yet simple decorative touches.
Remember that entertaining should be fun, so indulge yourself…

Obvious but worth stating - Make sure that all utensils, crockery are cleaned to the highest standards that you can achieve. This is important as far as enjoyment of the occasion as well as safety.
 Bright clean and sparkling cutlery and crockery as well as other table decorations not only enhance the setting and mood but also dramatically increase the whole experience for your guests

Using cups, plates and bowls, which are the basics for any table, are a really easy way to set the tone for your meal, in terms of either colour or theme. Of course, simple white china is indispensable with unlimited contrasts of colour in other areas of your table. Patterned china can also be appealing for the traditional look
You can also try wood, tin, glass, or ceramics for a different look. Remember that cups, plates and bowls are not only practical; they display your food and your decorations. Whatever you decide on, make the most of these items. Make sure they are clean, bright, and carefully stacked to have the maximum effect on your food.

Glasses and decanters are not just for your drinks; flowers, tea lights, floating candles all look great in and amongst them too.
Mixing and matching your glassware can be great fun - the key is to be creative! Glasses must be kept clean. The transparency of glass means you can fill it with coloured water, colourful food, shells, pebbles, or flowers to spread colour around your table. Decanters are brilliant for serving red wine, or for cordials and squash on a summer's day, but they can also be used as simple vases.

It is always worth keeping in mind that any table setting, whether it be for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, a simple gathering or any social or seasonal occasion, is only limited by your imagination or resourcefulness..

There are so many ways that you can enhance your table using napkins, candles, glass, petals, ornaments, oils and scents, ribbons, balloons, cards, placemats and holders, flowers and the list goes on. Never be afraid to ask for help and ideas from family and friends

Remember to think about your guests too. Think about their origins. Look into various styles of table decor like Mediterranean, Asian, American etc. Also look at the modern and contemporary styles as well as traditional
A couple of final rules of thumb

Don't overdo it

(To much can look more messed up than  dressed up)

Enjoy yourself

Get as much enjoyment out of making, presenting and indulging in your desserts as your guests.

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