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RESOURCES - Flavoured Coffee Syrup Adds A New Dimension To Beans

Flavoured Coffee Syrup Adds A New Dimension To Beans
by Julie Carter

Flavoured coffee syrup is a popular addition to any coffee beverage and a welcome change for any regular coffee drinker. Whether you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or just want something different, flavoured coffee syrups put a great kick into any drink. If you own a coffee business, these syrups are another great way to attract customers, allowing them to customize their own drinks so they can enjoy exactly the flavours that their taste buds desire.

Coffee, of course, has a wonderful taste itself, but it also acts as a catalyst for many other flavours. The growth in popularity of flavoured coffee is testament to coffee's versatility and strength. People today have come to expect variety and certainly flavoured coffee offers them a choice. Flavoured syrups means that coffee drinkers can enjoy their beverage all day in a host of different ways.

The best flavoured coffee syrups are made from all natural ingredients. The chemical additives and preservatives found in some syrups can distort or hide the flavour of the coffee, while all natural flavours will simply enhance a beverage. Although all natural syrups are more expensive, they are worth the investment as your customers will surely taste the difference and come back time after time for more.

There are four different groups of syrups. The most popular syrups are the vanilla based, which include nut and crème flavours like Irish crème and hazelnut. These flavours go well with just about any type of coffee, and can even be used to sweeten a cappuccino or latte. Chocolate is the next most popular flavouring group, followed by the fruit and spice flavours. It is always a good idea to have an offering from each group so your customers can experience different flavours (and spend more!)

Today, more than 100 different and delicious flavourings lace the coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, and frappes. To say the least, flavoured coffee has become an interesting and fast growing area of the coffee market. Blends such as Irish Crème, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and even Macadamia Nut grace the shelves of both coffee specialty shops and home kitchens alike.

The concept of adding flavours to enhance the taste of coffee is, by no means, a new craze. Arabs began flavouring their coffee with cardamom hundreds of years ago, Africans experimented with citrus flavours, and South Americans enjoyed a hint of cinnamon in their cups.

Flavoured coffee syrups are highly concentrated, so a little goes quite a long way – this makes it very cost effective for the café owner. One half-ounce shot of syrup is usually adequate to flavour an entire coffee drink. These syrups are available from most coffee suppliers; if you are a new retail or business customer, they will often send you samples to allow you to taste them for yourself; this way you can choose the best tasting syrup product for your customers. This is the fun part – then you have to sell them!

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