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Packing Lunches for Kids
By Janna Hagan

Sick and tired of trying to guess what your kid's like for their lunches?

In this article, we give you tips on how to battle those lunchbox wars. We will show you the different types of food's that will give your child a boost to help them keep active for the rest of the day.

Most parents have no problem packing lunches for their children. But the problem is getting them to eat it. What is even worse, is the lunches that some school's do provide their students - which usually consists of the regular pizza, chicken fingers, fries and hamburgers. Keeping your child's lunch balanced with healthy snacks is essential for proper nutritional throughout the day. We have lots of tips to make sure your child's lunch is healthy and tasty. Read on to see if your kid's lunch needs some refining.


It is important to pack a lunch you know they will eat. Balance is key when you are preparing his/her lunches. The other meals that you consume throughout the day also come into play here. If your child had a sweet snack or treat during lunch, then plan for a healthier dinner time meal. If you have dessert prepared for supper try to skip the treat at lunch. Remember to incorporate the food pyramid into their meals throughout the day - fruits, veggies, meat and grain - are vital to a good supply of nutrients. You can pack whatever you like in your children's lunches, but if it is not eaten, then nobody is winning.


Breakfast is the most important meal for children and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Keeping pop-tarts and bagels stashed in the freezer isn't good enough to have a healthy start to each day. Cereal and milk is a better suggestion - or peanut butter and toast. Try to avoid fruit juice and supply your child with milk. Many fruit drinks rarely contain any nutritionally value and are packed with artificial flavorings. Select some of your kid's favorite fruit and make a smoothie in the morning. All of these tips will defiantly lift your mood and boost your kid's energy until lunchtime.

Your Child Knows Best

The best way to know what your kid wants is to ask them personally. Go through your fridge and sort your food into piles of like or dislike. Settle on a plan that both of you will agree to for breakfast and lunch. Involve your child in the packing process. Preparing them ahead of time will give you more ideas of what to pack for the upcoming week. Also, tell your child not to swap or trade food at school. Purchasing no more than 6 meals a day for your child shouldn't be a problem if you cook healthy meals for breakfast and dinner. Remember not to focus on one meal of the day, so you can provide healthy food choices for anytime of day.

Be Creative!

Kid's like to have fun and same goes for their lunches. Try and use your imagination to create a more appealing lunch. Even a little touch, such as cutting their peanut butter and jam sandwiches into different shapes can be more satisfying than a plain piece of bread. We suggest that if you are going to pack fruits or veggies, to cut them up into bite-size pieces. It makes the healthy snacks much more easier to eat. Provide them with a "Build-Your-Own" lunch kit - where you can make your own sandwiches, tacos or hotdogs. This can create a better environment for your child to actually enjoy their lunch.

Using the above tips will have your child enjoying their lunch in no time. Always remember to keep their day balanced with so many fruits, veggies, grains and meats throughout their school day. Getting an excellent start to your morning's with healthy cereal or toast will help your children to finish their lunches, instead of ending up in the trash can. Balance your sweets or unhealthy meals and plan ahead! Also, a little creativity can go a long way in making a change in your child's attitude towards their lunch. Happy packing!

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