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RESOURCES - Strange Cocktail Combinations

Strange Cocktail Combinations
by Shauna Hanus

Mixed drinks or cocktails have taken a strange turn in recent years. In the past it was the worm in the bottom of the tequila bottle today it's combinations that include everything from bubblegum to pickled octopus. If you are adventurous and want to veer from the ordinary here are some combinations to get your evening started.

Liquor Drinks

* Irish Liquor, Amaretto, cream and mint.
* Grand Marnier with horseradish infused vodka with a rare slice of beef
   tenderloin garnish.
* Frangelico, crème de cocoa blended with peanut butter served over ice.

Rum Drinks

* Dark rum blended with peeled and seeded avocado, cream, lime juice and

Sake Drinks

* Sake, brown sugar, club soda, pineapple juice and celery garnish.

Vodka Drinks

* Potato vodka with garlic stuffed green olives.
* Vanilla vodka, bourbon, vanilla bean paste and lime juice garnished with
   fresh rhubarb studded with peppercorns.


* Gin martini garnished with a pickled octopus.
* Vodka martini blended with frozen espresso.
* Pepper vodka with a dash of hot pepper sauce and garnished with fresh
* Vodka martini that has been infused with bubblegum.

With these cocktail combinations in mind, head out for your evening on the town and venture into the new cocktails of the twenty first century. But if by chance these new cocktail combinations are not in the cards for you remember you can always order a time tested pilsner.

About the Author

Shauna Hanus is a gourmet cook who specializes in creating gourmet meal plans. She has extensive experience cooking with easy to find grocery items to create delightful gourmet meals. She is also the publisher of a no cost bi-monthly gourmet newsletter. Her newsletter is always fun and informational packed with tips and trivia you can use everyday.

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